Michiel van Eunen

Experience Designer | Gamification Expert | Speaker | Escape Room Designer

“You can’t win if you don’t play”

Seasoned player in the field of gamification & game-based learning. Since running his first project (The Hunt) in 2003, he made and played over 50 different formats with thousands of people, groups, teams and companies worldwide. Ranging from serious games to escape rooms, Michiel loves to design games that use the immense power of play in the real world. He has the privilege witnessing tons of teams playing games and he loves to inspire others with what he learned from that.|

What Gamification event would be complete without Michiel van Eunen?

Michiel has been able to leverage his design skills into programs ranging from serious games to escape rooms.

Seriously, if you could only pick one person to learn how to use the immense power of play in the real world, it would be Michiel.

Monica Cornetti, #1 gamification guru (2020)

pinkblockGamification Expert & Escape Room Designer at Performance Solutions

pinkblockTop 25 Rise.Global Gamification Guru

pinkblockGamfed International Gamification Federation Steering Committee Member

pinkblockEngagement Alliance Gamification Expert

Gamification World Congress Speakerpinkblock

pinkblockGamification Europe Speaker


Ambassador for Mission Start – Platform for Gamification & Game Based Learning


Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method