I started out working for Libertel / Vodafone in the early days of mobile phones. Later on I shifting to retail (BelCompany), until I was hipped away by a training & consultancy firm (Retail Result) that saw me performing for a group of sales-peers. In the next 5 years I trained employees of different retailers. My training sessions became notorious for being ‘hard fun’.

Working together with a market research firm operating with over 100 mysteryshoppers, I developed ‘The Hunt’, a real-life game (ARG) to trigger engagement and sales impulses of over 1000 retail employees in a limited period of 5 weeks. It became a huge success, both in employee engagement as in financial results. I refined and re-used the format for different clients. Meanwhile I developed & executed other formats (like ‘The Million Dollar Man’) that could be played ‘on-the-job’ with entire organizations.


Around 2005 I started my own event company (Living Story), continuing to develop and perform events & games with groups of people. Early on we used state-of-the-art mobile technology to play location-based city games with the first smartphones. Day after day I experienced the fun, the engagement and the potential of playing with about any group you can think of. After a few years I started a spin-off company (Beleef! Teamtraining) focusing on game based learning & serious games.
[In the same time – between 2005 and 2010 – I did a theatre school in Amsterdam, where I learned to stage and direct experiences]

In 2010 I michiel-gamification-1initiated a corporation (Tempeest), where we made location based games for cities (Lost in Time) heritage sites (Tess and the Zeitgeist) and nature parcs (The Nature Game), featuring Apple’s (than) latest device – the iPad.

I started to share my experiences and good & bad practices within the gamification community and on talks & conferences around gamification and game-based learning. In 2015 I started as gamification designer at Performance Solutions, where I apply gamification and game-based learning for clients (for many different purposes) ranging from LEGO Serious Play to pop-up Escape Rooms.

Ever since, I love to share my experience with gamification; the good, the bad and the ugly. I love to speak at conferences and deliver workshops , either on gamification, Escape Rooms, or how you can use these to create great engagement  for your workforce or clients.